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Drappier Champagne, Blanc de blancs


Color: White

Type: Champagne

Trademark: Drappier

Blend: 95% Chardonnay, 5% Blanc Vrai

Location: Urville

Country: France

Price: 40 €

Description: The nose brings to mind white peach and pear but also more floral notes such as peony. On the palate a mineral Champagne, lightly biscuity, creamy, supple, seductive.

Combined: Ideal as an aperitif. At the table it goes superbly with white meats, chilled smoked salmon with citrus fruits, tagliatelle with scallops. Serve at 7°C.

Aelios Muscat of Limnos, Aged Wine

AeliosColor: White

Type: Sweet

Trademark: Limnos Wines

Blend: Muscat

Location: Limnos

Country: Greece

Price: 40 €

Description: Bold and intense Vin de Liquer with a strong character of aged Muschat flavor in oak barrels. A fine dessert wine, exemplar of sweet wines from Moschato of Alexandria. Deep orange in color with copper reflections. A complex bouquet of flowers, honey and spices. Full flavor with notes of dried fruits and nuts. Fragrances of sweet grapes, fermented raisins, walnut, honey, orange and caramel. Mouth rich with a long aftertaste, with lack of acidity.

Combined: Served as aperitif, pairs with fruits. (8° C)

Kokkinomylos Tselepou MAGNUM 1,5L


Color: Red

Type: Dry

Trademark: Tselepos

Blend: Merlot

Location: Tegea, Peloponnese

Country: Greece

Price: 44,60 €

Description: Deep red colour with a rich velvety texture. Aromas of ripe red fruits with a delicate presence of vanilla and chocolate. Smooth tannins and a long finish characterize this round, well-structured wine that can be cellared for 10 to 15 years.

Combined: Red meats grilled or cooked, duck and dishes with red spicy sauces.

Calle – Fasoli Gino


     Colour: Red

     Type: Dry

     Trademark: Fasoli Gino

     Blend:  Merlot

     Location: Veneto – Rosso Veronese

     Country: Italy

     Price: 46,30 €

Description: A special, ruby red wine of strong and balanced composition. The partially dried grapes with their “rounded” tannins, the fining in french oak barrels and with alcohol up to 16.5%, this wine offers a pleasant sense of sweetness while its immense aromatic character with the rich notes of chocolate, prune and cherry, make it an ideal choice for special occasions.

Combine: Succulent dishes with rich sauces such as braised red meats or even grilled. It is also recommended for pairing with mature Cheddar cheese or Camembert cheese in combination with red fruit jams.

Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec

Color: White

Type: Semi Dry

Trademark: Veuve Clicquot

Blend: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Location: Champagne

Country: France

Price: 50€


Description: Boasting a brilliant yellow color with deep golden highlights, this wine offers delicate bubbles and an intense nose of ripe fruit with hints of brioche. It is supple and full on the palate, while preserving its delightful, inherent freshness. After cellaring for two to three years, the Demi-Sec will take on even richer notes of praline.