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Drappier Champagne, Blanc de blancs


Color: White

Type: Champagne

Trademark: Drappier

Blend: 95% Chardonnay, 5% Blanc Vrai

Location: Urville

Country: France

Price: 40 €

Description: The nose brings to mind white peach and pear but also more floral notes such as peony. On the palate a mineral Champagne, lightly biscuity, creamy, supple, seductive.

Combined: Ideal as an aperitif. At the table it goes superbly with white meats, chilled smoked salmon with citrus fruits, tagliatelle with scallops. Serve at 7°C.

Sauternes Collection Prive 750ml, White

018-16450Color: White

Type: Sweet

Trademark: Cordier

Blend: Semillon

Location: Sauternes

Country: France

Price: 30 €

Description: A sweet wine from Sauternes, Bordeaux, a widely-known region for its sweet wines. Lush, golden color, delicate and warm aromas with senses of fig and honey, as well as hints of ripe fruits and flowers. It leaves a long, sweet and fresh aftertaste.

Combined: Served as aperitif, pairs with blue cheese or with fresh fruits.

Aelios Muscat of Limnos, Aged Wine

AeliosColor: White

Type: Sweet

Trademark: Limnos Wines

Blend: Muscat

Location: Limnos

Country: Greece

Price: 40 €

Description: Bold and intense Vin de Liquer with a strong character of aged Muschat flavor in oak barrels. A fine dessert wine, exemplar of sweet wines from Moschato of Alexandria. Deep orange in color with copper reflections. A complex bouquet of flowers, honey and spices. Full flavor with notes of dried fruits and nuts. Fragrances of sweet grapes, fermented raisins, walnut, honey, orange and caramel. Mouth rich with a long aftertaste, with lack of acidity.

Combined: Served as aperitif, pairs with fruits. (8° C)

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