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Ouzo Mini


Type: Ouzo

Trademark: EPOM

Country: Greece

Price: 3,40 € / 200 ml

5,50 € / 350 ml

11 € / 700 ml

Description: A recipe which, combined with special aromatic herbs of Lesvos and aniseed from the location Lisborio, creates the favourite across the country ouzo, ouzo MINI of Mytilene.


Ouzo Varvagianni Blue


Type: Ouzo

Trademark: Varvagiannis

Country: Greece

Price: 4,40 € / 200ml

13,50 € / 700ml


Description: This ouzo consists of a pure essence of aniseed and sweet-smelling herbs, with an alcohol content of 46% Vol. and contains the distinctive water of Plomari. The renowned Ouzo Barbayanni BLUE has a pleasant scent, a pure and transparent color, and a delicate flavor, creating on your palate sensations of spring breezes and sun-kissed seas.

Ouzo 12


Type: Ouzo

Country: Greece

Price: 3,20 € / 200 ml

10,70 € / 700 ml

Description: Double distillation favorite Greek Ouzo.